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Frog-inspired hierarchical surface pattern for adhesion and friction





主要内容:In order to survive into the natural environment, tree and torrent frogs have to attach, climb and jump in humid or flooded environments. For this purpose, their limbs developed digits with expanded adhesive pads and specialized surface topography. Irrespectively of habitat and phylogeny, tree and torrent frog digits display hexagonal arrays of (soft) epithelial cells separated by narrow channels and crossed by densely packed (hard) keratin fibrils. Inspired by the hierarchical structures found on tree frog’s toe pad, micro- and nano-patterns with a hybrid and anisotropic structure have been realized. Depending on the specialized surface design, enhanced adhesion and/or friction could be achieved. The results here give a hint to the design of new materials with both strong adhesion and friction based on composite structures with anisotropic designs. 


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