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Thin Film Membranes for Molecular Sieving Separation

主讲人:Andrew Livingston 教授,英国皇家工程院院士


地点:江浦校区厚学楼301 (186人)


Andrew Livingston, professor of Chemical Engineering Department in Imperial College, fellow of the Royal Academy of Engineering (2006), served as Head of Department from 2008 to 2016. He has published over 300 refereed papers in Science, Nature Materials, Advanced Materials etc. and has been an inventor on over 30 patent applications. His work has been recognised by awards including the Junior Moulton Medal, Cremer and Warner Medal, and Underwood Medal of the IChemE, and the Silver Medal of Royal Academy of Engineering. 

From October 2016 he has been the inaugural Director of the Barrer Centre at Imperial College, and from in 2017 was been appointed the interim academic lead of the new Rosalind Franklin Institute, set up (£100M) to carry out ground-breaking research at the interface of engineering, physical sciences and life sciences.


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